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Goals of Teaching

The school provides basic skills and knowledge to manage in a changing society. In addition, the student's personal growth to a responsible adult with confidence and a strong work ethic, is of key importance. Cooperative classroom rules should be followed by each student>

Other goals:

  • We hope to learn to cooperate
  • We want to be part of the society
  • We want to take care of each other.
  • We hope that all will experience feelings of success, in which not only personal acceptance, but the understanding of differences and respecting others is fostered.

Language Program

The language program at the Finnish International School of Tampere follows the City of Tampere's plan as follows:

  • A1- English language taught beginning in 1st grade.
  • A2- Optional language taught from 4th grade onwards, 2 hours weekly of German, Spanish or French.


All school activities reflect multiculturalism and diversity, students having come from many different countries. Multiculturalism is evident in daily activities, from classes, recesses to school events.

KiVA -School Project

FISTA is involved in the KiVA schoolproject. (Project against bullying)

The whole curriculum of FISTA as a pdf-document

The English Language Curriculum of FISTA as a pdf-document

The curriculums of Tampere City