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School health care

School Nurse

School nurse's appointments and telephone hours are daily on 11-12. Phone number is 040-8063177. During other hours, the school nurse carries out health check-ups.

Address: Satakunnankatu 60, 33230 Tampere

The school nurse meets the pupils annually in connection with either shorter health appointments or more extensive check-ups. In short health appointments, the pupils come to meet the nurse individually from the classroom. The nurse informs homes about the date and time of the health check-up either via Helmi or with a separate form. The extensive check-up concerns pupils on grades 1, 5 and 8. In the extensive check-up, the pupil first meets nurse after which they are given a new appointment to the school doctor. An extensive check-up concerns the whole family's well-being and, therefore, the guardians are invited to the check-ups. If necessary, an individual health care plan is made for the pupil. The pupil and the guardian's preliminary information forms assist in extensive check-ups.

The nurse and teachers give first aid to an injured pupil in the case of an accident, if necessary. Primarily, the teachers send a pupil home if they have fallen ill in the middle of the day. The pupils should not, however, go to school if they are ill. In acute cases, the pupil's medical care is provided by the pupil's own health care center.

A school accident is an accident, which takes place either on the way to school or during the school day. The person taking care of first aid notifies the student's guardian of the accident. If necessary, the student is directed to the area's health care centre or attending health care centre Acuta according to the instructions given by the information desk. School accident referral is filled about school accidents. The referral is required in order to get compensation. When the guardian uses private medical services on their own initiative, the costs are not compensated.

Tampere City official instructions for school injuries (in Finnish)

If a student is in need of treatment due to a leisure time accident or an emergency, contact the helpdesk at health services, which will direct the patient to their own health centre or Ensiapu Acuta (booking appointments every day at 7-22, tel. 03-10023).

If necessary, the nurse writes a statement for the guardian's employer if a child under the age of 10 falls ill. Then, the child's parent should notify the illness to on the first day personally by telephone, via Helmi system or with a text message. The nurse contacts the parents on account of the message as soon as possible. However, do not leave a message on an answering machine.

If your child requires a special diet because of an allergy, there should be a medical certificate for it. Matters concerning the diet are updated annually in connection with class check-ups or earlier, if need be. The guardians can fill out the form for diets related to religion and give it to the teacher.

THE PERSONNEL IN SCHOOL HEALTH CARE IS UNDER THE OBLIGATION OF CONFIDENTIALITY. The student's health and medical records are gathered in the electronic health information system from every health care office in the city of Tampere. School health care is part of the student welfare team of the school. Student welfare team strives for preemptive work by creating and supporting such a school community that is a healthy and safe place to study. Student welfare team deals with possible problem situations related to school work and contacts homes, if necessary.

Dental treatment

Centralised appointment service

Booking an appointment to all dental clinics: Monday to Friday 8 - 17, tel. (03) 5657 0100

Note! A missed appointment that has not been cancelled is charged 33,80 euros from those who are 15 years of age or older. The fee can be charged if the appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.

Checking, rescheduling, and cancelling appointments

If you are unable to keep your appointment, cancel or reschedule it no more than 24 hours before the appointment:
- through the online appointment service, using your Internet bank identifiers, or
- by calling the centralised appointment service, tel. (03) 5657 0100
On the Internet, you can check, cancel, or reschedule your appointments, and make the initial appointment to see a dental hygienist for an assessment of the need for treatment or make an urgent appointment with a dentist.