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School time schedules, classes and semesters

Terms and semesters 2018-2019

  • Autumn term 09.08.-21.12.2018
  • Saturday school day 22.09.
  • Autumn Holiday 15.10.-21.10.
  • 07.12. Holiday
  • Spring term 07.01.-01.06.2019
  • Winter holiday 25.02.-03.03.

Daily time schedules

Grades 1-2

From Monday to Wednesday school day starts at 08.30 or 09.30am.
School day ends at 12.30 or 01.30pm.
On Thursdays school day is between 9am and 2pm.
On Fridays school day starts at 08.30 or 09.30am.
School day ends at 12.30 01.30pm.

Grades 3-9

  1. Class 8.10-8.55
  2. Class 9.00-9.45
  3. Class 10.00-10.45
  4. Class 11.00-11.45
  5. Class 12.15-13.00
  6. Class 13.15-14.00
  7. Class 14.05-14.50
  8. Class 14.50-15.35

Study Periods Grades 7-9

  1. period 09.08.-12.10.2018
  2. period 22.10.-21.12.2018
  3. period 07.01.-15.03.2019
  4. period 18.03.-01.06.2019

We advise that your family trips are scheduled during the school's holidays since lengthy absences at other times often affect school results. Guardians are responsible for making sure that school work is completed. Special assistance will not be provided by the school due to holidays. School work and possible changes in test dates must be requested will in advance.

Guardians must inform the school on the first day of the absence. A message can be left by phone to any teacher, Helmi-message or email to the teacher or homeroom teacher.

Guardians traveling with cars

If you are bringing your child to school by car, please drop off your child at Satakunnankatu. The city has designated parking spots and it is safe for your child to walk directly up the stairs directly to the school yard. The intersection of Suokatu and Sotkankatu should be avoided to minimize the risk of accidents. Parking in the school yard is forbidden.

Helmi Agenda

The Finnish International School of Tampere uses the Helmi Agenda which is a web-based communication program between the home and school. Guardians log in with personal codes which are provided by the classroom teacher or homeroom teacher. If there is more than one child in the school, the account can be connected for siblings. If this is the case, please send the names and grades of your children to the school's Helmi representatives who will link all children to the youngest child's account.

Login address:

School's Helmi Representative:
Susanna Leinonen

Helmi user guide