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Rules of conduct at the Finnish international school of tampere


  • Break times are spent on the school premises
  • Remember to let the trees be, no climbing on trees
  • Bikes are kept in in the places reserved for them during the school day
  • Throwing snowballs, ice chunks, pinecones, rocks, etc. is forbidden.
  • Games like "King of the castle" or any other activity involving pushing is forbidden.
  • Lower grade students come inside only when the bell has rung.
  • Ball games can only be played on the breaks specifically announced (doors)
  • No lying or jumping on the sandbox

Hallways and stairs

  • Travel on the right side of staircases and hallways.
  • Walk, don't run in the hallways or on the stairs.
  • Sliding on the staircase's railing is not allowed.
  • Rubbish should be put in the bins.
  • Once the school day is over, the students should leave the building immediately.
  • GRADES 1-6: Coats are hung on the hooks. Shoes on the shoe rack. When a student moves from one class to another, outdoor shoes move with him or her.
  • GRADES 7-9: Outdoor clothes in the locker.

Break areas for grades 7-9:

  • Fifth floor (A- and C-part)
  • A-part, fourth floor
  • In addition, fourth floor in C-part at 9.45-10.00 and 13.00-13.15 (student council kiosk)


  • Entrance through the staircase on A-part, exit through the staircase on C-part. Walking in the lunch area (3rd floor) is forbidden at other times.
  • Walking in lunchroom floor calmly and with caution.
  • Telephones are not used and music is not listened to in the cafeteria.
  • Students only eat/drink Tampereen Voimia's food in the cafeteria.
  • Food is eaten in the cafeteria, not taken outside.
  • Quiet voice in the cafeteria, do not disturb others.
  • Plates are returned empty to the return point.
  • Remember good table manners and use words such as: please, thank you, you're welcome, etc.
  • Learn how to use the cutlery correctly.
  • Lift up the chairs, if you eat during the last turn at 11.45.

Entering and exiting the school

  • Entrance through the inner yard either from the stairs on Satakunnankatu or the gate on Sepänkatu. Exit through the same route.
  • Doors on Suokatu and Satakunnankatu are not in students' use for security reasons.


  • The students are not allowed to use the lift without a permission from the principal or vice-principal.


  • No drawing on lockers. Pictures or photos may be attached to the locker with Blu-Tack.
  • Changing another student's locker's number code is a punishable offense.

Filming or photographing

  • Filming or photographing without a permission on lessons or recesses is forbidden. Everyone filmed or photographed needs to give a permission beforehand.
  • Publishing filmed material without a permission given beforehand is forbidden. Publishing material without a permission may even launch a police investigation.

Pilferage, destroying other people's belongings

  • Pilferage or destroying other people's belongings is forbidden. It is a crime and may lead to a police investigation.


  • Hats are not worn in classes.
  • Cell phones are kept silent / switched off during classes. Students in grades 1-6 do not use cell phones during the day without a teacher's permission.
  • Music devices are switched off during classes. Students in grades 7-9 can listen to music during breaks.
  • No eating or drinking during classes. Water bottle is allowed if needed.
  • Eating snacks: Grades 1-6, as instructed by the teacher. Grades 7-9, during break times. Rubbish is put into a rubbish bin.
  • Consuming energy drinks during the day is forbidden (a general guideline of the City of Tampere). Smoking as well as using electronic cigarettes, snus or water pipe is forbidden during school hours.
  • Students should come to classes in time.
  • Each member of the school community is responsible for ensuring that the school atmosphere is pleasant and safe for all. Put forth your best effort.

Changing buildings

  • Mopeds and moped cars are not to be used during the school day.

Recommendations for ensuring safe travel to school

  • Use the safest, not necessarily the shortest route to school.
  • Follow the traffic regulations. Do not pass through private property or residential buildings' yards. Cross Satakunnankatu and Sepänkatu preferably at a traffic light controlled crossing.
  • Using bikes in 1st and 2nd grade is not recommended.
  • Students coming to school by car are to be dropped off on Satakunnankatu.