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Guidance and counselling services

Students can receive guidance and counselling all through their basic education. The purpose of the services is to support, help and guide students in such a way as to help them to cope with their studies as well as possible, and to make appropriate, personally suitable educational and vocational choices.

Services provide students with necessary skills for community and working life, as well as for career choice and further education. Guidance and counselling covers study skills and school life issues, self-knowledge, education and training options, occupations and occupational sectors and the world of work. Guidance and counselling also aims to improve equality between the genders and educational equality.

The guidance counsellor carries the main responsibility for these services. Work includes teaching lessons, individual and group counselling, informational, organizational and liaison services along with arranging excursions to educational institutions and work experience placement (TET) for students.

Guidance counsellor Heli Piikkilä phone +358 40 776 6322 email: heli.piikkila(at)

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