Epun mediareppu is a developmental project for improving ICT use and learning environments in preschool and the first two grades of basic education. The project aims at finding functional cooperation models to this transitional phase from pre-primary education to basic education and support the kind of an operational environment where preschoolers can utilize the school ICT equipment.

In the project we are designing an ICT environment that is cost-effective, pedagogically meaningful and supports the new functional methods to use the equipment. Target schools are four schools in the city of Tampere that have also pre-primary education at the same building.

The goal is that

• pupils’ habits to utilize ICT equipment improve
• ICT use as a way of communication and interaction increases
• teachers are more open-minded to take on new ways to learn and interact
• teachers are ready to spread out their knowledge of ICT use to other teachers
• teachers’ use of ICT is integrated into schools’ weekdays and the real-life pedagogy
• peer support model develops

The first part of the project was executed from 2009 to 2011. Epun mediareppu 2 is a follow-up project that ends in December 2012.

The project is funded by The Finnish National Board of Education and the City of Tampere.


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