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Lamminpään koulu = Lamminpää Primary School

Lamminpää Primary School is situated in the City of Tampere, which lies about 180 kilometres north of Helsinki, in the western part of Finland. Lamminpää is situated in the western part of the city about ten kilometres from the centre. Tampere is the third biggest city in Finland with about 223 000 inhabitants. Tampere is an old industrial city with many major export companies. Tampere landscape is stunningly beautiful with two big lakes on both sides of the centre combined by Tammerkoski Rapids. Tampere Airport is just outside Tampere and it’s called Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. You can also travel to Tampere directly from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport either by train or by bus.

There are about 360 pupils at Lamminpää Primary School and a staff of about 50. The staff consists of teachers, special teachers, preschool teachers, a psychologist, a social worker, assistants, cooks, cleaners, a caretaker, a secretary, a school nurse, a doctor, a dentist, and a headmaster. The Headmaster of Lamminpää School is Matti Taimi.

Lamminpää School consists of three buildings, one of which is the school cafeteria. There are grades / forms from 1 to 6 at Lamminpää School: the pupils are between seven and twelve years of age. There are 17 classes altogether. In addition, there are several preschool classes in one of the buildings. There are also after school clubs for 1st and 2nd grade pupils.

School Year

The autumn term usually starts mid-August and lasts until Christmas. In October we have a 3-5-day break. The Christmas holiday lasts for two weeks and the spring term starts after Epiphany. We have a one-week winter holiday at the end of February and a shorter break at Easter. The school year finishes at the end of May or beginning of June.

School Days

The pupils go to school from Monday to Friday. The school days start at 8.15 or at 9.00 am and last until 12, 1.15 or 2.15 pm. The 1st and 2nd graders have 20 lessons a week, the 3rd and 4th graders 24 or 25 lessons, and the 5th and 6th graders 25 lessons a week. One lesson lasts for 45 minutes. There is no break between the first two lessons, but after that there is a 30-minute break. In the afternoon we normally have a 15-minute break between every lesson. The lunch break lasts for half an hour. The pupils get a free school dinner every day so they don’t bring packed lunches to school. They are also provided with special meals.

School Subjects

The compulsory subjects at our school are maths, Finnish, religious education, history, environmental studies, biology, geography, craft(s), art, music and PE. The pupils take their first foreign language (A1 language) in the 3rd grade. At our school they can choose either English or German. At the moment the majority of our pupils are studying English. An optional second language (A2 language) can be chosen in the 4th grade. The A2 language is either German or English depending on the pupils' choice as A1 language. The pupils get all the learning material they need free of charge from school: textbooks, activity books, notebooks, pencils, coloured pencils etc. Remedial instruction is also free of charge.

All classrooms are equipped with computers connected on the Internet, and linked with document cameras and video projectors. Pupils can also use school tablets.

Contact information:

Address: Lamminpään koulu Kortesuontie 27 FIN-33420 Tampere Finland

matti.taimi (a) tampere.fi (headmaster)

maria.fabritius (a) tampere.fi (English and German teacher)

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